Jana Sanskriti International Research and Resource Institute

We are delighted to announce the establishment of this new venture, which will be a home for:

  • International exchange amongst practitioners of TO and related performance practice
  • Exploratory and dialogic workshops on TO (Forum Theatre, Rainbow of Desire, Legislative Theatre, Newspaper Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Madalena, Aesthetics of the Oppressed) and other related emancipatory forms of performance practice. The focus here will be on skill- and process-sharing, giving space for critical reflection, in which two or more practitioners or groups exchange, interrogate and negotiate different models of practice and the cultural differences and assumptions which underpin them, so that the active consideration of practice is a form of research
  • Facilities for postgraduate and academic research into TO, Applied Theatre, and all forms of performance practice with a political, social and developmental remit
  • Exploratory and innovative work to develop new kinds of theatre practice for these contexts
  • Individual reflection on practice leading to evaluation, publication and sharing of best practice
  • Placements and guided research opportunities for students at all levels working both practically and theoretically in the fields indicated
  • Interrogation of and dialogue about the work and global scope of theatre and performance in TO and related fields; transcultural exchange in action
  • Work on embodied practice for individual and communal change

The new facilities, already substantially complete and will be fully inaugurated in November 2015, and enable Jana Sanskriti to offer, at very reasonable cost and in a peaceful rural location:

  • Workshop and training facilities initially for groups of up to 30
  • A theatre space
  • Documentation and resource facilities, including IT access
  • Dormitory accommodation for workshop participants
  • Some simple private accommodation, e.g. for researchers, facilitators
  • Regular workshops led by leading practitioners
  • Contacts with other Indian theatre practitioners
  • Opportunities to examine Jana Sanskriti’s operational practice at first hand both in the Institute and in the field
  • Archival resources
  • Seminar and discussion events
  • All meals (home-cooked Bengali cuisine)

Workshop participants/researchers etc. will also benefit from airport transfers from the nearby Kolkata airport and assistance with travel etc. to Kolkata and other parts of India. Accommodation is simple, Indian-style, and bathroom facilities are shared.

The Institute will be available for hire by organisations engaged in personal, social and community development through the arts, the promotion of intercultural exchange, participatory research and group practice.

The Institute’s operations will be overseen by an international team of Directors, drawn from leading practitioners and academics working in the area from many different countries. They will also, as appropriate, be able to offer in-house guidance and supervision of projects.

The establishment of the Institute does not represent any form of intention to constitute a network or to replace existing networks. Rather, it sees its role as providing the opportunity for ‘bringing together all kinds of change-makers’ (Sanjoy Ganguly, Artistic Director of Jana Sanskriti) and strengthening both the international profile of TO and the significance of Jana Sanskriti’s contribution to that profile.

We welcome expressions of interest about forms of association, contribution to activities and goals. Please let us know if you would like details of the Inauguration of the Institute which took place in fall 2015 and what’s currently going on.

All queries about activities, facilities etc. should be addressed to:

Sujoy Ganguly – sujoyganguly.js@gmail.com, Ph: +918420636800

Pratyusha Ghosh – pratyushaghosh.js@gmail.com, Ph: +919547377156

Founding committee, for and on behalf of Jana Sanskriti:

Prof. Ralph Yarrow

Dr. Birgit Fritz

Dr. Sanjoy Ganguly