Autopoietic Theatre

„The theatre is the state, the place, the point, where one can apprehend the human anatomy; with the human anatomy, one can heal and direct life.“ (Antonin Artaud)

„What kind of theatre? (…) – to reinvent the past and to invent the future. Therein resides the immense power with which theatre is endowed. This is the theatre which fascinates me, and the method which I have developed and elaborated over the past 25 years…“ (Augusto Boal)


Understanding the human anatomy, and to reinvent oneself as a result…discovering one’s history and through this process, finding direction again…

This is the Autopoietic Theatre, a theatre, which is open to all people, a theatre that playfully, humorously  and in a gentle way, guides every person towards their talents, strength and creative potential.

In the creative space of the theatre laboratory, we are discovering the obvious and refining our perception by means of aesthetic, artistic thinking. All this eventually leads to acting more consciously in every day life.

Only when we consciously perceive what we are doing and who we are, we can find the way to doing what we really want, a doing which brings us closer to our dreams.

Autopoietic Theatre is Essential Theatre, it encompasses all realms of life and knows no borders between artists and non-artists. It acknowledges creative potential in every person and fosters all ways of expression.

The Autopoietic Theatre is rooted in the Latin American people’s theatre of the 1960s, emancipatory body work (Moshé Feldenkrais e.g.) and working with rituals.

Autopoietic Theatre work is context-oriented (meaning it follows the needs of the participants), process-oriented (meaning it doesn’t necessarily focus on presenting results) and takes place in a group or community.

This group decides which artistic means to use and how to use them. Body work is an essential part of the work. All exercises and games are an invitation, no pressure.

We work in a friendly atmosphere, with many short breaks – there is laughter.

Getting closer and closer to the ‘here and now’, and to that which might want to be created in this moment, we abandon evaluations, like right and wrong.

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Note: “Autopoiesis”  refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself. The term was introduced in 1972 by Chilean biologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela to define the self-maintaining chemistry of living cells.